4 Pro Secrets for Faster Hair Growth – Fast Hair Growth Secrets

4 Pro Secrets for Faster Hair Growth – Fast Hair Growth Secrets

We being highly conscious women want our hair growth like our belly fat grows (pun NOT intended).

And we often fall in the traps of the shysters called EXPERTS who say that we can grow our hair by inches THAT TOO, overnight!

Let’s take a deep breath here and think about which process is exactly reliable so we are here to get faster hair growth at home without any side effect.

Secrets for Faster Hair Growth

Looking upon various websites, consulting a few hair experts, including my parlous ‘wali’ aunty, trying home remedies for hair growth and thickness, and having fed of using uncountable hair growth enhancers, I have a deduction to make.

That is, 4 Pro, actually working and on fire (not literally) secrets to grow your hair faster. Let’s go by them one by one.

1. Feed your scalp the best wash

how to make scalp strong naturally

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The best and possibly the only way for your hair to absorb all the vital nutrients of a shampoo are through scalp.

A professional quality shampoo is what that brings it all to you.

Necessitous vitamins and minerals like Biotin, zinc and the most indispensable protein, Keratin  that procreates 90% of your hair.

Hence you get healthier, and thicker and more beautiful locks.

Washing your hair using a best anti dandruff shampoo is actually the best fast hair growth secret.

If you are in a habit of washing your hair every day, then cut that one down because washing hair each day takes out all the essential oils from your hair leaving it to dry, friable and crumbling frail which you obviously do not want.

2. Horsetail Plant Extract. Ever heard of it?

No? The experts I met call it one of the most important ‘essential oils’ for faster hair growth.

Why? Because it has silica, which is the basic mineral to strengthen Fragile, almost destroyed hair.

They have a very high level of the minerals like Potassium and Manganese which boost the hair growth and make the perfect answer to how to increase hair growth fast.

Viviscal Extra Strength, a dietary supplement, rich in Horsetail Plant Extract is what you will need for requited vitamins and minerals for thickness and volume for your hair.

3. Protective Hairstyles is the Need, Girls!

protective hairstyles for hair growth tips

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We all want beautiful styles on our beautiful hair. How many of us think of easing it out a bit so that our hair doesn’t get affected too much? Never mind.

No-one does that. But I can help you there.

Try going for French Rolls/ Twists, Braids and buns that are evergreen and will never make your look outdated or ancient.

The key point is not to pull your hair too tightly on the hairline because that won’t do much than causing damage to hair.

Tying a bun is one of the easiest and most protective styles.

But you can add more to your style by tying buns on a different spot each day.

This way, it won’t stress your neck or crown area which may lead to excessive deterioration of your lovely hair.

And if you are using bobby pins, keep them on different positions to avoid wreckage.

 4. Seafood! Yay!

seafood for hair growth and thickness

A protein rich diet is required for a great body as well as great hair, owing to the procreation of the most requited protein: Keratin.

Take a break from Beef, Chicken and nourish your needs with rich marine proteins.

Salmon and Tuna accommodate omega-3 fatty acids that add luster to your hair and prevent frail scalp.

Oysters make up for the best shellfish, subsuming zinc whose deficiency is the most commonly known causes of insolvent scalp conditions.

Let’s just say these 4 secrets mingled well and applied are the best natural hair growth remedies for faster hair growth.

Of course, it’s hard for you to kit out all the required minerals and vitamins but a daily Vitamin supplement which accommodates all the above mentioned nutrients can make the task easier and bring out exquisite results.

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