How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster in a Week

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster in a Week

Women these days are constantly torn between carrying long, gorgeous locks and manageable short locks.

But I’m sure in either of cases they want one thing always, their hair to hair grow faster! But how to grow long hairAn average person’s hair grows up to half an inch in a month.

But today I will be sharing some amazing fast hair growth secrets which are easy and practical to do too.

And you may notice the changes from the first week only. Because by following these methods you can grow your hair faster up to two inches in a week.

Yes, you read that right! So, without any further ado let’s start with it.

Make Your Hair Grow Faster in a Week

1. Inversion Method

inversion method results one week - hair growth

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This one method is the most talked about hair growth hacks. From bloggers to YouTube vloggers, everyone has been going berserk about it. Because it works.

I have personally tried this inversion method, and my hair grew almost an inch in a week.

It may or may not work exactly like this for everyone, but it is definitely worth giving a try.

So, first of all, to notice a significant change measure your hair before starting the routine and after the first week.


So, in this inversion method you have to massage your scalp for consecutively seven days; not more than that, not less than that.

You must massage using your finger tips for exactly five minutes. For this, you can keep a timer too.

And while massaging like that, you must bend your head slightly towards your legs, so that it’s hanging upside down.

That’s what inversion means when your heart is positioned higher than your head.

By this way, you are aiding in the blood circulation in your head which in turn stimulates your follicles of hair to endorse the growth of Anagen stage.

This inversion position is completely safe to perform, but if you feel unsteady or dizzy, you must stop immediately.

With this, you can additionally use natural oil like Argan oil, olive oil or coconut oil, while massaging to give your hair a rigorous moisturizing treatment.

You can use the oil for complete seven days or few of them. Also, leaving the oil overnight is a good option. You can shampoo the next morning.

Using the oil is not a compulsory step, but for sure it will benefit your locks by giving it more strength and shine.

For best results, you should get your hair trimmed so that the split ends are not there and your hair growth is significant.

As with split ends, one is not able to notice the full growth.

You can also use a wire scalp massager (Buy from Amazon) as I have shown in the picture if you would want.

As that way massaging your hair won’t tire out your fingers and will be a lot easier. And it’s pretty cheap too.

You should do this routine precisely once every four weeks.

2. Apply Hair Mask

multani mitti for hair growth

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Applying hair mask made up by using different kinds of home remedies for hair growth and thickness.

A hair mask made up of Multani mitti is extremely beneficial for better hair growth and can help in the conditioning of hair.

Other Indian home remedies for hair growth include pack made of egg whites and curd.

This pack has been known to show extremely amazing results in hair growth and hair conditioning.

You can apply the hair mask once or twice a week. These hair masks are home remedies for hair growth and thickness and help every hair type.

3. Apply Castor Oil

apply castor oil for hair

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The best and the one stop solution to any hair problem is castor oil. It has been proved experimentally that applying castor oil can enhance the hair growth and lead to better and smoother hair.

You can start off by massaging your roots of hair with castor oil.

After doing so, wear a shower cap, so the oil is intact there.

And the following morning, wash and condition your locks like you normally do, making sure all the oil is removed.Oiling and massaging has been the best Indian home remedies for hair growth.


You may like some fast hair growth products: Best Hair Growth Products for Men & Women That Work Perfectly


4. Apply an Apple Cider Rinse

how to use apple cider vinegar for hair growth

You can include one more step which is very effective at removing the oil and dirt residue from your scalp.

You can use apple cider as an alternative to your shampoo some days.

Else you can use it normally with your shampoo and conditioner.

For this, add two tablespoons of apple cider to almost two cups of water, and it’s ready!

It may have a strong smell, but it will fade away soon.

Other than that, you can include these additional tips in your everyday routine to make the results more significant.

Buy Apple Cider from Amazon.

What can you eat to make your hair grow faster?

Eat proteins. Hair is also a part of our body, and hence, it requires proper nourishment and nutrients to grow. And protein the most important nutrient for hair growth.

Avoid heat treatment:

Heat damaged hair are difficult to repair, and hence, hair growth is very slow.

Avoiding heat treatments on your hair for some considerable period can make your hair grow faster.

Trim damaged and split ended hair:

A regular trimming session of once every two months aids your hair growth.

Apply beer on the hair:

Very few people know that beer is extremely beneficial to the hair and hair growth.

Beer is known to affect hair in all the positive way and cause less of hair fall and more of hair growth.

Applying beer on hair can lead to miraculous hair growth results.

How to grow hair faster naturally in a week?

Now you know!I am sure you will notice some significant changes in your hair’s length, strength, and texture.

And it’s going to be significant from the first week itself. These are natural hair growth remedies for black hair.

So, whatever texture and type your hair is off, it’s going to get benefited by these methods.

I wish you allget long, gorgeous hair!

So, start off with it and share your experience in the comment section.

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