How To Grow Longer Hair – 20 Pro Secrets To Grow Hair Longer

How To Grow Longer Hair – 20 Pro Secrets To Grow Hair Longer

Possessing gorgeous hair is a dream for everyone. Hair is considered one of an important aspect of your personality.

Trends keep on changing from bob to pixie to braids, but carrying long locks will never go out of fashion, that’s an ever green style statement.

And with the right kind of care and attention, it’s not a difficult thing to achieve “How To Grow Longer Hair” at home without any side effect.

In today’s article, I will be sharing some pro secrets to grow hair longer yet doable tricks which you can use to grow your hair longer.

So, let’s start with it.

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20 Pro Secrets To Grow Hair Longer

1. The very first rule: Have patience

Well, yes. Growing your hair will take some time. It takes some serious devotion and time to let your locks grow.

Normally, it grows from a quarter to half an inch per month. So, have patience with the process.

And follow the next 19 steps.

2. Wash off your hair less often

Washing the hair more will lead to the removal of the natural hair oils present already in the hair and will eventually lead to more breakage of hair, and hence, it should be noted that hair must be washed only 2-3 times a week and not more than that.

3. Do not brush your hair when wet

Brushing off your hair will obviously make them less entangled and will provide you with smooth hair but Caution!

I would suggest you not to comb or brush your hair when they are wet as, during this time, it is more likely that your hair will fall off.

4. Trim those locks

People have a delusion that not trimming their hair will lead to longer hair.

But the truth is that your hair requires frequent trimming sessions which will remove damaged, dull and split ended hair and this will lead to a longer hair growth.

And it’s suggested to trim once in two months.

5. Give it a massage to achieve “How To Grow Longer Hair”

A light massage of your scalp ensures the right blood circulation.

Indulge yourself in a hot oil massage at least once a week, and you will be good to go.

One amazing hack here is that if you give the massage with your head turned upside down; it increases the blood circulation in your scalp making the process of hair growth a bit fast.

Well, it may sound a bit absurd but try it out to find the truth yourself and off course you will achieve grow longer hair target easily.

6. Your hair needs food

And the food for your hair is a good weekly hair pack. Follow a good hair care routine by using a nourishing hair pack which gives all the nutrients for your hair’s growth.

This step will convert in fast hair growth secrets for your longer hair.

7. Check for the ingredients of your shampoo

It is essential to keep track of the ingredients that are used to treat your hair.

The ingredient that I would recommend you avoid is sodium lauryl sulfate.

It is the lathering agent in the shampoos but at the same time causes a lot of hair loss issue.

8. Avoid using dry shampoos

You will find a range of different kinds of shampoos in the market, and you should know which one to avoid and which one to use.

I would suggest you avoid the dry hair shampoos completely.

A good wet shampoo can work wonders for your hair. Checkout some best dandruff shampoo.

9. A deep protein treatment every month

Hair is made of follicles which require constant nourishment which is not possible with the normal hair care routine and hence, a monthly protein hair treatment or a hair spa is extremely essential.

10. Use conditioner with your shampoo

With the constant usage of hair styling products, conditioning is very important.

Over time all those styling leaves your hair dry, fuzzy and your hair strands get thinner on their edges.

To fix all of this, use conditioner every time you shampoo.

11. Conditioners are meant just for the hair tips

A very common mistake committed by most of the people is the usage of conditioners on the scalp.

Conditioners are meant only for the hair tips to condition them and have no use on the scalp.

Using conditioners on the scalp will lead to breakage of hair.

12. Avoid blow dry

Air dry is the best treatment for making the wet hair go dry. Blow dryers employ heat treatments which can make the hair weak which will eventually lead to hair fall.

13. Regular oiling

Regularly using oil on the scalp will not only nourish the hair but will also condition them and make them grow longer.

For better results our palm oil, grape seed oil, Argan oil. You can also use these oils in combination.

Using essential oils like thyme oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil will work wonders.

You can include them in your hair treatments.

14. Pantry products are completely a yes for better hair growth

Rinsing the hair with potato water, applying some of the pantry products like egg, curd, honey, etc. will nourish and condition your hair from within the roots.

15. Shikakai powder

One of the Indian home remedies for hair growth is the usage of Shikakai powder (Buy Shikakai from Amazon).

From years, Shikakai has been used by Indian women for maintaining longer and thicker hair.

16. Dump your cotton pillow covers

I know this might sound absurd to you, but a good surface of contact for hair is an extremely important point to take care of and hence, using silk cases for pillows are extremely useful.

Ditch your regular cotton pillow covers.

17. Avoid bleaching

Bleaching your hair will make them look good on a temporary basis, but it will surely make your hair go weak in the longer run.

18. Back combing

All those hair styling YouTube tutorials urge you to back comb your hair. But dear, back combing is very damaging.

It breaks off your hair cuticles. And once you lose enough cuticle layers, it results in split ends.

19. Avoid heat styling and heat styling products

Heat can damage your hair follicles from inside and can also cause ill effects to your scalp.

So does those heat styling products too. Hence, it is advisable to avoid the usage of heat treatments on a regular basis.

20. Drink lots of lots of water

Any home remedies for hair growth and thickness tips will be incomplete without this.

Consume lots and lots of water. It flushes out the toxins, which not only promotes healthy hair your overall health too.

Indian remedy for hair growth fast naturally

This was a list of some of the pro secrets to grow hair longer for faster hair growth.

It is definitely going to grow your hair longer and thicker.

So, don’t wait for anything else and include these small tips in your day-to-day life and see the change yourself and this is effective for those who want to know that how to grow longer hair at free of cost.

And share these tips with your friends too.


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