12 Highly Effective Treatment For A Scrawny Strand Of Hair – Grow Long Hair Secrets

12 Highly Effective Treatment For A Scrawny Strand Of Hair – Grow Long Hair Secrets

As women, we all have witnessed the drains in our bathroom inhabiting our hair strands and wonder how to grow long hair.

Getting frightened by the bunch is obviously natural but isn’t always problematic.

Now if it is not a matter of a concern, doesn’t mean that you overlook it altogether.

Beginning from the age 20, we women are always complaining about hair loss and as the famous dermatologist Doris J. Day says, ‘As we age, overall hair density changes and individual strands become finer.’

But we have come across many treatments, effective ones, to help you gain the strength of your hair back.

Let’s take a look.

1. Food

food for hair growth and thickness

So you wonder what can you eats to make your hair grow faster? Well, let’s rejoice because our favorite fish meal contains the vital nutrients that our hair needs.

Good health of the hair can easily be gleaned from lean meats, leafy veggies, nuts, beans, and fish because of all these accommodating Proteins, Iron, Zinc and Vitamin B12.

2. Massage

self head massage for hair growth secrets

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There is never a better treatment for healthy hair than a regular massage every time you shower.

Massaging the head during bathing ensures relaxed scalp and bettered blood flow which is as essential for the perforation of any treatment shampoo or oil you are using as straighteners for styling.

This is the best homemade tips for hair growth faster.

3. Styling

weak hair roots treatment

As we mentioned above, the straighteners and curlers are required for styling your hair into beautiful fringes, topknot or messy hairdo but as gorgeous as it looks, it could prove pernicious for your already thinning strands.

A messy bun, a ‘not too tight’ ponytail and a gorgeous puff are always safer and better ideas to style your hair.


4. Minoxidil

Having been used by 50% of the women, this FDA approved authenticated ingredient, used in Rogaine, stimulates the supply of blood, oxygen and other necessary nutrients to the follicles constructing bigger strands, as stated by Wilma Bergfeld, a Cleveland Clinic dermatologist. Buy Minoxidil from Amazon.

5. Vivisca

Joshua Zeichner, a New York City dermatologist says, “The combination of fish protein, vitamin C, Zinc, Biotin and Niacin in Viviscal Supplements encourages the body to produce healthier, thicker strands.” Well, need I say more? Buy Vivisca from Amazon.

6. Blood Work

Apparently, all the vital nourishment found to be ‘lost’ in your body comes out through a blood work test that explicates which nutrients are amiss.

Low levels of iron in blood and Vitamin D account for major reasons of hair loss and a supplement products incorporating both these can be of much help.

7. Lasers

hair loss Laser treatment

Proven conducive in diminishing the inflammation in the follicles impeding them from regenerating, Laser treatment is one of the many effective methods to procreate healthier and voluminous hair, with a significant increase in the hair density with a take-home device.

8. Stress Relief

Stress relief tips for hair loss prevention

Image Credit: Harvard

Stress, tension and depression whether chronic or new can add up to the loss of hair for which stress busters come to rescue.

If the stress is sudden (break up, job, failed marriage) you will find a new job, a new lover and new hair too (well, hair will grow), but if the stress is chronic (kids, mostly, or any other reason) then meditation is the remedy.

I am not being saintly here, but believe me, your life and your hair will become beautiful again.

9. Hormone Help

I guess the time comes when none of these treatments work, hormone help becomes the only help.

Consult an Rx. Hormonal imbalance caused by pregnancy, birth control pills, menopause can lead to the thinning of hair.

A hormone therapy aids hair growth.

10. Nettle Leaf

Looking for the best home remedies for hair growth and thickness? How about trying Nettle leaf? A herb found in Nepal and Northern India in abundance acts defensive against hair loss.

The nettle leaf being rich in iron, potassium and manganese becomes a great source for hair growth and reviving the hair color as well as its thickness.

11. Meet The Doctor, once and for all

A meeting with a doctor becomes necessary if the cause for hair loss is major than just stress.

A sudden as well as excessive hair shedding has something to do with something wrong in your body and the reasons  may be as follows:

  1.  Hormone irregularities
  2.  Thyroid abnormalities
  3.  Lupus
  4.  Anemia

12. Sleep and Proper Care

If you really want to know how to increase hair growth fast? Just know that Prevention is better than cure is what they have always said.

So it implies here. Get plenty of sleep, use natural oils to massage your hair, wash your hair thrice a day, keep it loose at least at night and reduce the intake of caffeine and alcohol becoming a reason of hormonal imbalance that may result in hair loss.

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